How To Write A Great Event Description


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will use your event description to reinforce a decision and make a choice. Not only will it help attract people within Fatsoma, but search engines will use the content to help direct people towards your event page. With 22% of our traffic coming

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from search, you’d be silly to miss out on the opportunity to get extra sales.

With Fatsoma there’s 2 types of people who will visit your event page:

A) People who are 99% certain they’re going to buy tickets to your event. Whilst their decision is mostly already made, your event description must assure them they’ve made the right one.

B) People who want to do something, but aren’t sure what. This is the golden audience for you. Whereas appealing to people who were already going to buy tickets is preaching to the converted, this pool of people offer you the ability to expand your market.

We work hard to make sure events have this passive traffic, it’s up to you as to how much effort you want to put into capitalising

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from it. From our research we can see that events that sell consistently well all have well wrote event pages that offer a fair description of the performers, venue, any special requirements or important information and open up direct channels to communication with the promoter.

Content to Consider

Often the main reason people will be coming to your event, make sure you’ve got at least their names listed, but even better would be to include a short biography, especially if it’s a conference. If it’s a DJ, have you explained the style of music they’ll be playing? The record label they’re associated with? If it’s a speaker, have you mentioned their background and why they’re experiencing in the subject they’re discussing comes from?

Refreshments & Prices
Are you going to be providing food and drinks? If so, give information of any costs associated. A drinks list if you’re a nightlife promoter wouldn’t go amiss, details of any refreshments if you’re promoting a conference would help people make important preparations for where their meals will come from.

Special Information
No one wants to turn up to a black tie event dressed as a banana. Make sure any special information people may not consider is explained. As well as reducing time dealing with ad hoc questions and fashion faux pas, including information such as disabled access will stop any disappointments on the door.

As a platform, Fatsoma provides solutions for promoters to sell tickets and promote events but that’s where our involvement with the event ends. Despite

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this, we still receive a large number of customer queries that would’ve been better directed towards the promoter. Whilst we don’t have a problem with providing this service, the whole situation would be easier for everyone without us mediatign the situation. Give customers a link to your Facebook and twitter, not only does it provide a great channel for customer service, but you can increase the amount of connections you have to market to for free later.

Bonus Example

Ramshackle are a great example of a good event description. They know their target audience and the things they care about. Thankfully the student market isn’t a complicated beast, good music and cheap drinks is usually enough to convince them your event is for them. Not only do Ramshackle strip back all unnecessary content, but by using simple HTML they display it in a way that’s extremely easy to digest. They maintain this format for every one of their events, meaning returning customers are always familiar of where to go on the page to find out how much a Jagerbomb will cost.

Ramshackle event page