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How To Keep a Rep Team Happy and Motivated

Keeping your rep team happy is important for continued success. In this guide you’ll find six tips tips to make sure morale and motivation stays high.

By Jacob Lakeland

You’d be surprised at how many event organisers accidentally neglect their Reps. If tickets are selling well, it may not cross your mind to check up on how they’re doing. But the truth is that high sales won’t last long if the team become unhappy.

Creating a great working environment for Reps means turnover is kept to a minimum. You’ll also find it easier to recruit capable Reps in the future, as word gets out about you treating your team well.

Keeping your Reps happy is absolutely essential, and to do so effectively, you need to remember that all Reps are different. Each individual team member will have their own ambitions and thoughts about the position. Some will be in it to make money, others will just want to be part of an exciting brand.

Taking care of Reps is all about striking the right balance and ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Use Rep Exclusive tickets

Reps appreciate all the support you can give them, and Rep exclusive tickets are guaranteed to go down well with every member of the team.

These exclusive tickets are sold through specially generated Rep links, which can appear online before general sales begin. They also create added hype around events, putting Reps in a better position to sell.

Rep Only tickets can be put forward as part of a special pre-sale, sold for lower prices, or included as part of flash sales. But regardless of the way in which you choose to use them, Rep Only tickets will undoubtedly raise morale within your ticket team – giving them options and the capability to sell more.

2. Provide good financial incentives

First thing’s first – make sure you offer good commission rates for your Reps from the very beginning.

Money is likely to be one of the biggest incentives for applicants when you’re in the process of building a team. The more they’re rewarded, the harder Reps will work in order to try and sell as many tickets as possible.

If you offer Reps peanuts for each ticket, you’ll soon begin to see them lose interest in their role. Be generous with commissions and consider bonus payments for any Rep that reaches a milestone number (e.g. 50 tickets).

3. Offer commission on sellout shows

If a show is guaranteed to sell out, there isn’t much reason (in theory) for event organisers to give Reps a kickback on each ticket.

A lot of brands will highlight certain shows on their calendar as “non-commission” events where Reps aren’t required. However, by going against the grain, you can make a fantastic reputation for your business within the industry.

Offering commission on sure-to-sell-out events is a real indicator of a company that cares about its staff. Your team will remain upbeat, and you may even attract the attention of top Reps from rival brands.

If you’re concerned you can’t afford to offer high commission on these types of events, it’s worth limiting the number of Rep Only tickets instead. This will create scarcity and give Reps an extra incentive to sell tickets quickly, without putting you too much out of pocket.

4. Organise social events

Getting the team together for social events is a great way to build a positive atmosphere.

Putting them in a relaxed environment where they can talk casually about ticket selling means they’re likely to learn a lot from one another – as well as share stories about some of the best and worst ways to attract buyers.

A social gathering doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your events, but it does need to be fun and pressure-free. The chances are that your team will naturally talk about ticket-selling, but it can be beneficial to take them outside the Rep world for a few hours and give them a relaxing treat for all their hard work.

5. Find out what extra perks they’d like

Extra perks are always an effective way to increase self-esteem.

These can be different depending on the sorts of events you’re hosting, but as a rule, some of the best perks for Reps include:

  • Free entry to your events
  • Free drinks tokens
  • VIP access at your events
  • Backstage passes at your events

It’s worth conducting a staff survey to learn more about what your team would like to see in terms of perks. Just make sure that what you offer is affordable and manageable in the long term. The last thing you want is for your staff to be drinking up all your profits, after all.

6. Give your Reps access to relevant video and images

By giving your Reps additional tools that can add heft to their social posts, you give them a greater chance of enjoying more online sales.

Consider granting Reps access to creative materials, such as videos and images, that you use for your social channels. Create a shared folder online (through platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive) that the team can access whenever they need a piece of marketing material that can brighten up their ticket posts on Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat.

This can make Reps feel trusted and in control of their ticket sales – ensuring they remain highly motivated.

It’s worth putting in the time to keep your Rep team happy…

Maintaining high morale within your Rep team isn’t difficult if you put in a little bit of effort and make everyone feel included. Happier Reps invariably sell more tickets, with team satisfaction directly correlated to greater success.

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