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How to Recruit a Rep Team online

Building a Rep team might actually be easier than you think. With this guide, you can quickly recruit a rep team that will get results.

By Jacob Lakeland

Rep teams can play a pivotal role in building hype and excitement around events – provided you have the right team. But where do you start? Building a Rep team might actually be easier than you think. With the right assistance and resources, you can quickly recruit the Reps that get results.

In this article you’ll find all the information you need to get started on your Rep recruitment drive, helping you source an ambitious team quickly.

Where can I find Reps online?

In order to attract the best Reps, you need to cast the net far and wide. The fact is that less than half (20-50%) of people who show an interest in becoming a Rep will actually end up as part of the team, so it’s important to look for as many good candidates in as many places as possible.

Ultimately, the best-recruiting channels are the same places where you market your event: social media sites. The big three are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but you can also recruit Reps via email. Here’s how to approach each platform.

Facebook and Instagram

As Facebook seem to be clamping down on organic reach from pages, a simple post about joining the Rep team probably won’t get you much exposure. So, a paid ad on Facebook and Instagram is the way to go.

In order to get maximum engagement with your ad, you should be as creative as possible – both in terms of the copy and visuals. The post should highlight the benefits of being a Rep in an exciting, attractive way. Many event organisers have found a short video of no more than fifteen seconds of footage to get much more engagement than an image.


Depending on who you believe, the average tweet has a lifespan of between 7 and 18 minutes. So, as with Facebook, if you want to reach a large audience, it’s all down to boosting your posts. Like paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter Ads can be very effective. You’ll only need somewhere in the region of £100 to get your Rep recruitment page seen by lots of possible applicants.

Remember, it’s a numbers game at this stage – and you’re trying to pull in as many applications as you can.


Have you got an existing customer base? Do you have a list of emails of people who’ve attended your events before? These could be your ideal Reps. They’ve been to your events before, they know what you’re all about, and there’s a good chance they’ll understand and have an affinity with your brand.

When sending emails, be sure to personalise each message like you would in any email marketing campaign. Think of a subject line that makes readers want to open the message, and put some effort into the design to ensure they keep reading. The text should be minimal, direct and clear – with a working, well-positioned link to your Rep recruitment page.

Before you hit send, be sure you have the necessary permissions to contact everyone in your database.

What information do I need to collect and how do I collect it?

You never know who could end up becoming a great Rep. But in order to find the right people to help you actively increase event numbers, you’ll need to gather some key information on each applicant.

What information do I need?

Knowing what information to collect is a balancing act. You don’t want to miss out the important stuff, but you shouldn’t ask for unnecessary details either.

The key is focusing on quality over quantity. Keep questions and information fields to a minimum, but make sure you get everything you need to. Put yourself in the Rep’s shoes and consider honestly how many questions you’d be prepared to answer.

An example of the information you may need to collect includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Familiarity with brand

Adding more fields doesn’t just risk deterring potential applicants, it may also leave you with way more information than you actually need. With laws tightening thanks to GDPR, you should be reducing data collection as best as possible and using it responsibly.

How do I collect information correctly?

The most effective way to get information about a potential Rep is to build a dedicated recruitment page. This is a webpage containing the essential fields for data collection. Applicants complete the form, hit the “submit” button, and you receive their details. Easy.

Fatsoma can create this page for you – along with a privacy policy that keeps your data-gathering ethical and legal. Check out this page we produced for The Warehouse Project as an example. If you’d like your own Rep recruitment page built, simply get in touch with your account manager at Fatsoma.

Once you have the form ready, it’s simply a case of getting people to see it… and that’s where recruitment approaches come in.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve settled on a strategy for bringing great Reps aboard, you need to decide on how best to communicate with your team.

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