Rep Exclusives

Developed with the Warehouse Project, rep exclusive tickets keeps your team happy by making them the go-to guys for tickets amongst their friends’ network.

By Jacob Lakeland

Everyone knows that a happy Rep will sell more tickets. The problem is, it’s tough to keep a Rep team in high spirits when the odds can sometimes seem stacked against them.

Reps ought to be the go-to guys for event tickets. But, if the tickets they’re offering are the same as those on general sale, there’s no real reason for a customer to keep going back for more. And, because the event announcement tool is so effective, customers with the Fatsoma app can hear about your upcoming events via push notifications direct to their phone.

Developed in collaboration with The Warehouse Project, Rep only exclusives solve these problems. Whether they’re pre-sale or discounted, these tickets give customers a reason to buy from your Reps and keep them coming back for more.

How do Rep exclusives work?

When you add a rep exclusive ticket, the only way a customer can see this ticket type is by going through a Rep link. If a customer visits the event page directly (be it through Google or Fatsoma events), they won’t see any Rep exclusive tickets available for sale. The Rep link provides exclusive access. Here’s the Rep exclusive ticket system in action:


Clicking the standard event link shows the page as normal, with no rep exclusive tickets available.

Clicking the Rep link, on the other hand, lets you view and purchase the Rep exclusive tickets.

How do I setup rep exclusive tickets?

As an event organiser, you simply list your event as normal on Fatsoma. When adding a ‘ticket type’, check the box to make the ticket ‘Only accessible via a Rep link’.

Rep Exclusives How to

And that’s it. All you need to do is inform your rep team that they have exclusive tickets available. Rep exclusive tickets are easy to set up. However, in order to boost sales, it’s worth experimenting with different strategies.

Creative ways to use Rep exclusives

There are a number of techniques you can explore to get the most out of the system. These include launching a pre-sale for Reps, offering them at a discount price, and including them as part of a flash sale.

Pre-sale Rep tickets

Create a special pre-sale for Reps, and you’ll attract interest from those who want to grab their tickets early. This also gives Reps a great chance of enjoying a flying start to their sales.

Discounted Rep tickets

If your Reps can offer lower-priced tickets, people will go to them to get a better deal. Your ticket sellers will have a much higher chance of success if they’re able to offer customers cut-price tickets.

Run flash Rep sales

With a flash sale, your customers can purchase cheaper tickets for a limited time… but only if they go through a Rep. The best way to do this is by limiting the number available (creating scarcity), and then giving your Reps 24 hours’ notice. Excitement will mount as Reps promote their deal.

Rep exclusives with Fatsoma

The Rep exclusive system repositions Reps as people who give customers the best deals, early access and bigger discounts on event tickets.

Your team are given the opportunity to add value and enjoy more control, keeping them encouraged and focused. Happy ticketing teams and high sales go hand in hand – which is why Rep exclusives prove so valuable for event organisers.

With Rep exclusives, you can start to build a sense of exclusivity and anticipation around events like never before. It’s easy to get started with reps.

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